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In Home Care for the Elderly

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Serving Scottsdale Arizona

In Home Care for the Elderly

In Home Care
for the Elderly
Our Services

Serving Paradise Valley, Prescott and Prescott Valley in Arizona

In Home Care for the Elderly

Personal Care
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Our Services

Personal Care

We can provide assistance with bathing, dressing, diet and eating, prescription and therapy reminders, arranging doctors appointments, shampooing and shaving, and much more.

Housekeeping Help

We help with household and homemaking chores like grocery shopping, washing dishes and laundry, caring for pets, mailing bills and letters, running errands, and more!

Transportation Care

Our Caregivers can transport you to religious services, social events, grocery stores, hair appointments, doctor visits, to pick up prescriptions… wherever you need to go!

Social Needs Care

We can provide companionship and conversation – do you like to attend plays, play cards, work on crafts, attend sporting events, read books, or plan trips?  Let us help!

Discover how Cardinal Home Care can make life easier and more enjoyable for both you and your loved ones!

In Home Services

What Do You Need Help With?


Your Caregiver can provide assistance with a variety of household chores and light housekeeping.


Your Caregiver can provide safe, comfortable transportation and escort you as needed.


Your Caregiver can help with laundry as well as providing assistance in getting dressed.


Your Caregiver can help you remember birthdays, appointments, and prescription refills.

Plants & Pets

Your Caregiver can help with watering plants and flowers, as well as feeding (and playing with!) your pets.


Your Caregiver will assist you with grocery and clothing shopping, and provide safe transportation.

Medical Reminder

Your Caregiver will arrange appointments with doctors and provide prescription & therapy reminders.

Non-Medical Home Care

About our Caregivers

We provide exceptional, non-medical home care for your loved ones in the comfort of their own home.

Personal Care

The Cardinal Home Care Advantage:

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FREE in-home consultation with NO obligation

NO prepayment or deposits required

Bi-monthly Itemized billing

From a Valued Client

Thank you for helping make these last few years with Mom so easy!

We used Cardinal Home Care caregivers for the last several years, while Mom was starting to suffer from Alzheimer's... we wanted to enjoy our time with her, but it was becoming increasingly difficult because we were the 'mean' ones who made her bathe, comb her hair, and eat healthy foods. THANK YOU Cardinal Care - your caregivers became her friend and confidante, and she happily performed all her 'chores' with them. They also kept her company while we were at work, and we were always reassured to know that she was well taken care of while we weren't there to watch over her. How grateful we were to have our time with her be fun visits again, and not a contentious time making sure she was safe and healthy. Mom went to a memory care facility last year... but we couldn't have had so many additional years with her at home without the help of Cardinal Home Care.


"Please Let Me Stay Home"

This is a statement that is being heard more and more each day as our population ages as our elderly discuss their futures with their families and with their medical professionals. In fact, it is projected that the over-65 population will double in this country alone over the next ten years! In the year 2025, that one out of every seven people will be over the age of 65, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This all means that the issues today surrounding our aging population and their needs for successful aging will only multiply. Families will be confronted with…


Hands On Caregiving

Check out this Checklist for Caregivers! 1) Are you getting depressed, having anxiety attacks or getting physically ill from it? REMEMBER TO REMIND YOURELF the importance of your well being and health. It is not possible to provide good care if you are not healthy and cared for. 2) If you are in a relationship, is that relationship suffering as a result of your care giving? Or is your ‘caring for’ relationship preventing you from having other ‘relationships'? REMEMBER: I am sure that the person you are caring for wants most for you to be happy and healthy. Take the…


Hiring a Home Health Care Provider

Meeting the Special Needs of Your Loved One At Home The average age of Americans is getting higher each year as the baby boom population begins to enter their senior years. Along with increased age come increased health care needs, often requiring assistive care for basic living needs. These individuals, their spouses and children have to make decisions regarding the best place to provide the optimal care. Medical professionals often recommend for individuals to remain in their own home whenever possible. The comforts of home offer security and familiarity which helps to ward off depression often associated with the new ailments…

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