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Hiring a Home Health Care Provider

Meeting the Special Needs of Your Loved One At Home

The average age of Americans is getting higher each year as the baby boom population begins to enter their senior years. Along with increased age come increased health care needs, often requiring assistive care for basic living needs. These individuals, their spouses and children have to make decisions regarding the best place to provide the optimal care.

Medical professionals often recommend for individuals to remain in their own home whenever possible. The comforts of home offer security and familiarity which helps to ward off depression often associated with the new ailments of aging. Remaining in the home gives the individual the sense of retaining some independence while not giving up their precious homes and belongings.

While remaining in the home is often the best choice, choosing to provide physical and health care at home causes spouses and children to take on extra responsibilities with new roles as Home Health Care Providers. Wanting to “be there” for our loved ones is the first instinct for many, but the added responsibilities can be numerous.

It is quite normal to feel overwhelmed with the extra time required for providing home health care added to regular responsibilities such as work and/or caring for other family members. The caregiver’s own needs often get neglected. At the same time, the “patient” often avoids asking for help when needed because they perceive themselves as a “burden” to their family. It is important to maintain a healthy balance of care for everyone, allowing for physical, emotional and social needs to be met for all.

Hiring the services of Home Health Care Provider Agency can relieve some of the “burden” and overwhelmed feelings allowing time for healthier relationships among family members.

There are two types of Home Care Providers; Skilled Nursing Care and those that offer Home Health Care and Homemaker services. Check with the individual’s physician to see which services are required. Skilled nursing care is required if medications need to be directly given to the individual or if medical services such as dialysis are required. Only skilled nurses can actually dispense medications.

Many times the needs are for help in areas such as; dressing, bathing, preparing meals, driving to doctor appointments and offering reminders to take medications and does not require professional nurse assistance. In this case a basic Home Healthcare provider or Homemaker Assistant will meet the needs.

The cost for basic home and heath care is generally much less than nursing care. If both services are required consider combing the services of both types of providers; hire nursing care for specific times needed and general home and health care for longer periods of time. Most Home Health Care Provider Agencies offer flexible schedules such as; a few hours each day, one or more full days, complete weeks, or around the clock.

For tips on how to hire a Home Care Provider refer to our article “Please Let Me Stay at Home”. Note that there are also many Home Health Care Products available such as bathroom grab bars and special commodes, adaptive kitchen tools and mobility products (wheelchairs, scooters and walkers) which can facilitate independence for the individual and ease the assistance required by a Home Care Provider.

David Hummel
Director of Care
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