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Hands On Caregiving

Check out this Checklist for Caregivers!

1) Are you getting depressed, having anxiety attacks or getting physically ill from it?

  • REMEMBER TO REMIND YOURELF the importance of your well being and health. It is not possible to provide good care if you are not healthy and cared for.

2) If you are in a relationship, is that relationship suffering as a result of your care giving? Or is your ‘caring for’ relationship preventing you from having other ‘relationships’?

  • REMEMBER: I am sure that the person you are caring for wants most for you to be happy and healthy. Take the time to have your own time.

3) Are your children being neglected (because of your physical or emotionally distractions?)

  • REMEMBER: the person you are caring for wants you to be happy and emotionally stable. Most generally, if family, the children you may be neglecting are their grandchildren.

4) Are you following a cultural script that is consistent with your own values?

  • REMEMBER: Are you doing what you’re doing because it is what others expect you to do or it is what you think you “should” do?

5) Does Caring for your loved one make your feel good or bad about yourself?

  • REMEMBER to be honest with this one. Do what makes you feel good.

6) Are you giving something positive to your loved one that they could not get otherwise?

  • REMEMBER many people are taking advantage of in-home care, companion care and other services and find themselves spending more quality time with their loved ones allowing others to assist with activities of daily living.

7) Whether I provide the care or outsource, do I have the right home care products and medical supplies to provide the best care possible?

  • REMEMBER there are over 100,000 products available, with new ones every day, designed to make the home care/care giving job the best it can be!

David Hummel
Director of Care
Cardinal Home Care, LLC