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Home Care Products for the Elderly

Offering New Abilities for the Disabled

Improvements in the home with Home Care Products offer new abilities and independence for the homebound elderly, handicapped and disabled. Most individuals feel much happier having as much independence as possible. Being able to dress, shower and move independently all enhance self esteem. Today, there are many products on the market that offer opportunities for the disabled to discover new abilities.

Mobility is the primary key to maintaining a sense of independence. A variety of products are available depending on individual needs. Wheelchairs, scooters and walkers now come in many sizes, colors and weights and are often foldable for transportability if desired. Look for additional features such as brakes, wheel sizes, seat comfort, height adjustment and even storage.

When choosing a mobility product, determine where the product will be used. If travel is frequent look for lightweight and collapsibility. For usage around the house, opt for narrower chairs to maneuver around furniture, doorways and hallways. If the mobility aid is to be used frequently, look for comfort details such as reclining seats, padded arms, foot rest and elevating leg rests. Accessorize with storage baskets, attachable trays and portable ramps.

Adaptive Bathroom Products also help individuals maintain their independence and their dignity. Shower grab bars are a must for those with agility difficulties. Shower and bath benches come in many sizes and offer optional backrests allowing the user01 to bathe without worrying about balance.

There are even bath lifts which raise and lower into the tub. Transfer benches and swivel seats allow the user to enter the tub or shower easily. Commode options include risers making the seat higher, side bars for support.

Enhance basic daily living skills with adaptive kitchen products that will make cutting, slicing and opening containers independent tasks. Assistive dressing products allow independent buttoning, zipping, fastening jewelry with magnetic clasps, and more. Enjoy social life with interactive ability products such as card holders, book holders, magnifiers, adaptive writing instruments and adaptive garden tools.

There are many products available to enhance the ability of individuals giving them a feeling of independence and high self esteem. Be sure to look for products to meet each individual need. If there is a need, more than likely a product is available to turn it into ability.

David Hummel
Director of Care
Cardinal Home Care, LLC